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on Thursday, 01 March 2012
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Flipping Through the Distribution Channels

In order to distribute ads to the million-plus sources of PPC text advertising in the adMarketplace network, advertisers and SEM managers should utilize all of our Distribution Channels. To do so, it’s important to know how each channel works, whom they target, why they’re useful, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Today we’re introducing a new series on Distribution Channels to answer these questions, highlight our five traffic sources and show you how we cater to the strengths of each one.

First up, a quick overview of the five:

Type-In Domain. This category includes domains that are inferred by the user. If a user wants to look for shoes, say, he or she may type in the navigation bar. This traffic is twice as likely to convert as search engine traffic.

Toolbar Search. Toolbars contain search boxes installed in an internet browser or a website. Users search for terms within these toolbars and are led to relevant sponsored listings for their queries. Example: Conduit’s toolbar.

Mobile Devices. Our mobile channel is an opt-in option for clients who want to expand into the exponentially-growing mobile market. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a prime market for effective text-based advertising. Access both mobile web-based traffic as well as as app-based traffic.

Email. This distribution channel utilizes keywords and categories to target millions of users who opt in to the service. Email has consistently been a popular channel to advertise on, since millions of people habitually check their email throughout the day.

Rollover/In-Text. Many web sites and blog are beginning to include rollover/in-text advertising within their pages. This distribution channel is unique in that it can immediately target an individual who garnered interest in a keyword without ever typing it. By highlighting a specific keyword within an article, a relevant ad displays over it, which takes the user to the advertiser’s landing page.

Starting next week, we will dedicate an article to one of these channels. First up: Type-In Domain. If you have any questions about traffic sources, our expert account managers are always happy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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