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on Thursday, 22 March 2012
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Distribution Channels, Part 3: Toolbar Search Party

In the third part of our series on Distribution Channels, we’re taking a look at Toolbars. Not your boring old standard, built-in browser toolbars, however. Downloadable toolbars add layers of sophistication to the Internet experience. These toolbars make it easier for users to navigate the web, allow them to customize to their interests, and remove superfluous clicking from the process of finding content.

They also put relevant ads closer to their eyeballs.


Because a user opts in by choosing to download a toolbar, adMarketplace advertisers get their ads placed in front of users with high-intent. And since those who download toolbars tend to be tech savvy and more likely to take action, conversion rates are excellent.

Downloadable toolbars offer two main options for advertisers:

  1. Displaying a single ad within the toolbar itself, either immediately to the left or right of the toolbar, never blocking content but always subtly visible to the user. 
  2. Overlaying ads on a webpage. When a user visits a page, the text ads on that page are supplied by the toolbar company, not the site’s publisher. This happens seamlessly, with no affect on the page’s content or layout.

Some benefits for the toolbar user:

  1. Social utility. Toolbars can provide value to users—some aggregate Twitter and Facebook comments.
  2. One-click access to a user’s favorite shopping portals, along with appropriate suggestions that drive traffic to relevant sites. 
  3. Quick and instant information. Toolbars have a growing list of available applications users can add on, such as weather updates, games, language translators, and Twitter feeders, among others, built right into the toolbar so no matter what page a user is visiting, he or she is never more than one click away from them. Users choose to download these applications because they provide various elements of value.

And finally, toolbar companies, with this clean and effective monetization solution, benefit from partnering with adMarketplace by gaining access to our depth of relevant advertisers.

From consumer to advertiser to publisher, everybody benefits.

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